PGA Information

Potomac Golf Association Membership Information!

New and returning players seeking membership with the Potomac Golf Association should submit a membership application form no later than April 1, 2023. The membership fee is $100.00 per person. Please return the completed application form by USPS mail with your membership check to: Stephan Golis, 485 Harbor Side St #608, Woodbridge, VA 22191. Membership fees are used entirely to pay for league & web site administration, monthly and year-end prizes, and the end-of-season banquet.

The number of members for 2023 will be an indicator that each of you contributed in some small measure if we are successful in achieving our maximum number of teams. Please keep our recent trend going by early membership activation and nomination of teams and/or individuals in your organizations and golfing circles. If you know of potential members, share this invitation with them (feel free to make copies as needed), or encourage them to contact your League Coordinators.

Due to the loss of historical membership data, we need to get (updated) contact and e-mail addresses for all members as this and the web site are our primary means of communication. Please use e-mail or the web site to send your golf outing communications. We expect that each partnership will have email available or will use the PGA web site to obtain information needed during the golf season.


  1. The PGA coordinators will prepay green fees and then collect payment from each PGA member (or substitute) on the day of each scheduled outing. Please plan to pay greens fees by check (cash is a nuisance for League coordinators). Checks should be made payable to Stephan Golis.

  2. The burden is ON YOU not to incur any unnecessary cost. Each course will be provided a guaranteed number of players 10-15 days in advance of our outing. As was the policy in past years, you can either sign-up or decline to play in a scheduled golf outing. In either case, please send an email or call a PGA Coordinator regarding your intent either to play or not play.

    NOTE: If you have committed to play, you will be responsible for Course Fees if you do not let us know 15 days in advance of the scheduled outing in which you will not be available to play! An email announcement 7-10 days prior to each event will list all players who have announced that they are not playing in that event. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of those announcements and note any errors therein so that we have sufficient time to rectify them.

    Any costs incurred as a result of your NO-SHOW will be passed on to you. Our "prepay process" has worked well, so we expect your continued cooperation. If you are scheduled to play but cannot because of your job or other circumstances - you can find a substitute for that round (see PGA Rules for restrictions on substitutes).

  3. The first-place NET team will assume the duties of league coordinators for the 2024 season. In case of a refusal to perform, this duty will pass to the second-place team and so forth (until no members are left). Anyone refusing to accept his or her "special prize" will be banned from membership for a period of three years. A second refusal will result in permanent expulsion. A five-year exemption is enacted for sitting league coordinators before they become eligible again, so if they are first, the second place team gets this honor. Also, note that the web site maintainer´s team and the handicap chairman´s team are also exempt. Be aware that if a PGA member forms a new team, any exemption that he or she may have does NOT carry over as they will be considered a new team and will be subject to all rules and regulations applicable to new teams.

  4. If you desire to play with a particular team at any scheduled outing, send your match pairings to Stephan Golis at at least three weeks in advance for scheduling purposes. Pairings received after that cutoff will normally not be accepted.

  5. In an effort to control the length of time of 2023 PGA outings, only those scores submitted within 5 hours of a team´s tee time will be accepted as official. Our better-ball format easily supports completion of rounds within a 5 hour time period. This "pace-of-play" policy will apply to monthly and year-end competitions.

  6. Please take a few minutes to thoroughly read over the 2023 Potomac Golf Association Rules page. Ask for any clarification you need.

  7. We will continue the practice of awarding numerous prize categories at each monthly outing (see Prizes section under 2023 PGA Rules). The prize distribution will be similar to those in previous years. This means that they are based on individual or team performance for each scheduled outing or on winning a drawing at the post-round winners´ presentation.

  8. We need to get (updated) e-mail addresses for all members as this and the web site are our sole means of communication. Please use e-mail to send any requests in season. We expect that each partnership will have email available or will use the PGA web site to obtain and provide all information needed during the season.

  9. You can download a copy of the 2023 Membership Application Form here (please coordinate completion with your teammate). Please return the completed application form by snail mail with your ($100.00 per person) membership check to Stephan Golis, 485 Harbor Side St #608, Woodbridge, VA 22191. The PGA web site is available to review all PGA outing information.

  10. We welcome you to the 2023 PGA season and look forward to hearing back from as many of you as possible. If we can be of assistance or provide additional information now or in the future, please don´t hesitate to send me an email at